David M. DeMaagd
27488 Ginger Court
Santa Clarita, CA

Mobile Phone: (USA) 818 262 7958


Citizenship and Residency

United States Citizen (Country of birth is United States)

Currently living and working in the Los Angeles area, California, USA.

Work Experience

LinkedIn Inc, Mountain View, CA, USA

Staff Reliability Engineer, Infrastructure. Initially, smilar skill set as the SNA/DDS position, but moved teams to work on supporting the monitoring and alerting applications. Initial focus on the interface layer between Kafka and the metric data storage and making sure that the large volume of data coming in was ingested quickly and made available to clients as quickly as possible. Role morphed to a more development-centric position as operational metric needs grew. That resulted in a large scale time series database optimized for operational metrics written largely from scratch in Go, for which I was a lead architect and developer. (January 2014 to present, 75% telecommute)

Sr. Site Reliability Engineer, SNA/DDS. Linux and Solaris administration, JVM (Java and Scala) application support and Java/Python/Bash programming supporting Zookeeper clusters and Kafka message bus systems. Focus on operability of these applications - monitoring and alerting, documentation, deployment and automation tooling, general application troubleshooting. Also support in a non-SME capacity other site-critical back end data systems. Participated in 24x7 on-call rotation as second tier support. (August 2011 to January 2014, 75% telecommute from Los Angeles, CA)

Yahoo! Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Sr. Production Engineer, Search Advertising. Linux system administration, application support and general problem finding/solving for the sponsored search/content match (targeted ads in search, both as a standalone system and for the integration systems for the Microsoft/Yahoo search agreement) infrastructure. Maintained in-house monitoring/alerting and graphing applications. Participated in 12x7 (primary and secondary roles) on-call rotation. Supported very large (thousands of servers), geographically distributed applications written in Java, C and perl. Wrote and maintained application rollout and data transfer systems written in perl, C and shell. Worked in all of these areas in daily maintenance, long term project based work and troubleshooting capacities. (Santa Clara, CA from May 2009 to November 2010; Burbank, CA from November 2010 to July 2011)

Shopzilla Inc., Los Angeles, CA, USA

Application Support Engineer. Linux system administration, server provisioning and OS builds (kickstart and puppet). Interfacing with business units to determine hardware to support application initiatives. Developed and maintained various off the shelf (Nagios, Webmetrics) and in-house (shell and perl scripts) monitoring systems, tools for log watching and reporting (syslog-ng and splunk) and some limited load testing (jmeter, siege and ab). Installation, configuration and troubleshooting large (hundreds of servers), geographically distributed environments of Apache/mod_perl, Java/Tomcat and in-house applications. 24x7 on-call as second tier support. (April 2008 to May 2009)

Walt Disney Internet Group, North Hollywood, CA, USA

Staff QA Engineering System Administrator. Similar functions as my previous position (Sr. Online Systems Administrator, note: only minimally involved in any actual site testing), but with emphasis on development and QA environments as opposed to production environments. Additionally, development and QA infrastructure upgrades, mentoring junior engineers, conducting code and application architecture reviews and providing guidance as to 'best practices' within Disney Online. Also maintained a production co-located Apache/PHP farm for smaller projects. (December 2005 to April 2008)

Sr. Online Systems Administrator. Operating system and application maintenance for web application and server farms running Windows NT/2000/2003 (IIS, Java applications), Linux (Apache, perl CGIs, Java applications) and Solaris (NES web server, CGI applications). Development and QA support for TeamSite content management environment, script writing for content propagation in Bash shell and Perl. Linux and Solaris OS build definition, administrative guidance and documentation. (November 2002 to December 2005)

Interwoven; Ascot, England

Interwoven Certified Technical Consultant. Installation and configuration of Enterprise Content Management Systems under Windows NT/2000 and Solaris at client sites across Europe. Customized content entry templates and workflows written in XML and perl. Communication and documentation skills required for work on site throughout the process of installation, design specification, customization, and hand off to the client at the client site. (May 2001 to November 2002)


Hope College; Holland, MI, USA. Computer Science major, emphasis on mathematics and history within the core Liberal Arts curriculum. Graduated in December 1998 with a B.S. in Computer Science. Major emphasis on programming logic, algorithms, and problem solving, as well as a core of solid program design and implementation. Some work in Software Engineering, System Administration, Graphics, and Computing Theory.

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